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There's a better approach to weight management!
One that puts you back in charge!
It's time to embrace a new way of thinking about food and how it affects weight
We've helped thousands of others do it...
I was sick of not being able to fit my clothes!
Now I've re-claimed my shape and 
I'm back in charge!
We've helped thousands of others do it...and we'd love to help you too!
Welcome to MiracuLoss!
Ask Us How To Lose Weight Safely & Quickly!
How is MiracuLoss different? 
 MiracuLoss is very different to traditional weight loss methods
Our clients have found that their weight comes off safely, with relative ease, from the right places. 

After years of eating 'diet food' and trying all sorts of exercise and eating plans to lose weight, they are amazed and delighted with the ease of their success! 

Even people who have literally 'tried everything' have succeeded with MiracuLoss. How is this possible? 
With MiracuLoss, only 'abnormal fat' is reduced, leaving all 'healthy fat' in tact!
'Abnormal fat' is often stored around the middle of the body, and in other traditional problem areas. As 'abnormal fat' deposits diminish, MiracuLoss clients are delighted to see their waist's return, and are relieved that they have no saggy skin - even after losing many garment sizes! Further more clients often comment on how much younger they look and feel! 

Abnormal fat can accumulate on other areas of the body too - and as the abnormal fat reduces your original body shape re-emerges. Read some of our testimonials below to hear directly from our clients!
Daily support from your personal coach makes a world of difference!
Your coach is committed to your success and will support and encourage you every step of the way! And daily coaching enables a more personalised approach - because we're all different. What works best for someone else may not be the best approach for you!
Isn't it time you discovered what works best for your body?
It's much easier to maintain a healthy weight!
It's all very well to lose it - but what about keeping it off? MiracuLoss clients find it far easier to maintain a healthy weight. When only 'abnormal fat' is reduced, and your 'healthy fat' is left in tact, your body will settle more comfortably into your 'new weight' and be more willing to stay there. Clients are frequently amazed by the quantity and variety of food they can eat whilst easily maintaining their 'new weight'. 

MiracuLoss is not a diet plan - it's a lifestyle change, and that's one of our secrets to success. We'll help you figure out which foods and what lifestyle options work best for you - and then maintaining a healthy weight will be easy! 
Losing weight the right way has so many other benefits.
I'll discuss these with you in more detail when we talk...
Don't just take my word for it...
☆☆☆☆☆ I'm amazed by my results! - Brenda
I first met Fiona Paulsen at the Women's Lifestyle Expo in Hamilton. I was feeling really unhappy with myself and was on the food for comfort wagon. Fiona was positive from the start and I found her approach caring and honest. I contacted Miraculoss about a month later and started the journey.
WOW!! What a journey! I was not entirely convinced when I heard how much weight I could lose but within 2 weeks I was convinced! My coach Yolande was with me all the way and was totally supportive even on the days I struggled.
Completing 2 rounds with Miraculoss I lost 20kg and my husband lost 10kg just by eating the food I now cooked! This programme works, it's easier than you think and it's an education! If you're thinking about it, stop and just do it!!
☆☆☆☆☆ I've finally found something that really works! - Jilly
My friends told me about MiracuLoss when they visited me from NZ and seeing their success I was determined it could work for me, so I was delighted when I found that I didn’t have to be in New Zealand to do the programme, and a special thanks to my MiracuLoss coach Bianca who was prepared to work with me long distance.
After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I have finally found a lifestyle eating plan that works for me. Reaching my weight loss goal was an achievement, but the health benefits have been even more significant.
I no longer have aching joints, my liver and kidneys are working more efficiently, and the self-confidence I have gained with my new size and weight means I can enjoy wearing the clothes that had been packed away in the hope that they would fit again one day. I also now have the tools to maintain my new weight by following the MiracuLoss lifestyle principles.
☆☆☆☆☆ It's been so easy lose the baby weight! - Vicky 
I first joined MiracuLoss in 2015 to lose weight to improve my fertility. I lost 30 kilos and felt amazing! And the best part is...I also gained a beautiful healthy daughter Ella, who is now 10 months old.

It was time for the baby weight to go and I'm pleased to say that I've already lost 18 kilos and I'm feeling great again - more like my old self! My body shape is returning and I've got heaps of energy to keep with up with Ella.

I first heard about MiracuLoss from a friend and I'm so pleased I did because it's been truly life changing. In the past I really struggled with my weight ...but not anymore - this really works for me! 
MiracuLoss is a unique, research based weight management programme
Supported by a team of health professionals, MiracuLoss is based on the extensive research of doctors dedicated to healthy body weight and well-being, including but not limited to dietary specialists Dr Terry Wahls, Dr Natasha McBride, Dr Simeons, Dr Weston A Price, Dr Robert Young and Dr Barry Sears.
MiracuLoss is made up of seven stages which cover the periods before, during and after weight loss to ensure you are completely supported and guided on a healthy, effective weight loss journey.

We often get asked if we are the Keto Diet. Whilst you will be in ketosis during weight loss - we are not the Keto Diet. In fact we are quite different!  

We use a series of healthy food eating plans to help you lose weight quickly and safely from the right places.

And we support your body throughout, with high quality homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements. You will shed abnormal fat deposits from your problem areas quickly and safely - you really don't want them hanging around!
Individual coaching for guaranteed success
With MiracuLoss, you can be totally confident in achieving your goal of a healthy body weight. Our individual coaching, weekly nutritional education and regular progress reviews ensure you have everything you need to succeed!
Daily support from your coach and our emphasis on a holistic approach to lifestyle and nutrition is fundamental to the success of the MiracuLoss programme. Our coaches are just as interested in your well-being and stress levels as they are in your food choices!
☆☆☆☆☆ Losing 117 kg has completely changed my life - and my family's! - Doug
My wife and I contacted MiracuLoss on our doctor's recommendation.
At the time we were having trouble conceiving our second child and we were really struggling to lose weight (the conventional way - through exercise and calorie control). I admit I was a bit hesitant at first. Would this work for me when nothing else seemed to?

But luckily we decided to give it a go. My wife lost over 40 kilos and I lost a massive 117 kg! We couldn't believe it. We had NO BAGGY SKIN, our bodies looked and felt great and we had more energy than we'd both had in years. We had our lives back and the tools to keep the weight off...for good!

That was about 5 years ago and we're still on track, but the best part is...we've added a new daughter to our family.We're so committed to our new way of eating, and we're passing on what we've learned to our kids...so they don't have to go through what we did!

Don't think about it - just do it....you'll be so please that you did!
I'm happy talk to anyone about my experience....just ask MiracuLoss for my number.
Lose fat from your abdomen and hips
As you lose weight, your body will begin to reshape – and your hips and abdomen are two of the first places you’ll notice a difference.
For every kilo of fat you lose, you can expect to lose a centimeter from your widest point – and losing 5-10 cm from around your waist will make quite a difference!
No structural fat or essential fat will be lost (with other weight loss methods you will burn essential fat before you begin burning abnormal fat deposits). That means NO BAGGY SKIN! Our results show that healthy muscle mass is maintained throughout our programme.
Daily contact with your weight loss coach
Daily support is an essential aspect to our participants’ success. With the daily guidance of your coach, your weight loss will be safely and effectively managed. You coach will help you navigate your way to the long term success you are seeking!

We often get asked for a list of healthy foods to lose weight. The truth is - everyone is different so there can't be a 'one size fit's all approach'. 

During the first six stages, you will have daily contact with your coach – usually by texting, phone and emails or via Zoom on your phone or computer. And our weekly tutorial programme provides you with valuable information and helps you develop the skills needed to figure out what foods work best for you and how to maintain your ‘new weight’. 

You may be surprised to discover that many of the things you thought were healthy have been contributing to your weight gain for years.

☆☆☆☆☆ Doctors are amazed by my health improvements! - John
My experience with MiracuLoss has been a true life changer.
Before I started my health wasn’t in great shape. I had diabetes and stress on my heart. My blood pressure was so high that when I stood up I was just about passing out.

After losing weight with MiracuLoss my heart is now fine, my blood sugar levels are in the healthy low range, and my blood pressure has dropped to the point my doctor, nurse and osteopath were amazed at the results. My health has improved 10-fold!

My friends all notice how much weight I've lost, and I’m enjoying being a much smaller size, but the biggest benefit to me has been the health improvements. I feel so different!
I found the program itself supportive and educational. The daily coaching helped keep me on track, the feedback was so positive. 

The online tutorials and articles were also very helpful and I have a better understanding how certain foods work for my body.

I’ve tried a few other weight programs but MiracuLoss has been the best by far! I have been able to keep the weight off and most importantly my health issues have been resolved. I feel like a different person and couldn’t have done it without the MiracuLoss team.
Your weight loss is guaranteed with MiracuLoss
You could be 5-10 kilos lighter in less than a month. Book your call today to begin your weight loss journey – it’s easy to get started. 

We guarantee that if you follow the programme accurately, you will achieve a minimum loss of 5 kilos within 21 days. If you follow the programme accurately and don't lose 5 kilos within this time we'll extend your programme and coaching support at no additional cost until a minimum of 5 kilos is achieved.
A personalised, life-long weight maintenance plan
Our aim is to help you achieve effective weight loss and establish a long-term healthy eating plan that is flexible, delicious, nutritious and sustainable. We'll help identify which foods aren't compatible with your body, and should be minimised or avoided to enable easier weight maintenance.
☆☆☆☆☆ I've got a new lease on life! - Tracy

I decided to join MiracuLoss to support a friend who was losing weight to take the pressure off her painful knees. But in the process I discovered a lot more for myself than I expected. I lost more than 30 kilos dropping from a size 22 to a size 12 and the experience has changed my life. 
I am a different person, a happy person. I have the confidence to wear what I want to wear. It's fun to go clothes shopping now - I shop in the same stores as my daughter which she loves!

When I first began, my workmates used to comment on the bounce in my step. Now it's situation normal. I can't believe how much energy I've got. I hardly ever feel like sitting still. 
My children have also benefited from having a more energetic happier mum. They can't believe the change in me - they've never known me like this. Several workmates and a few friends also joined MiracuLoss after seeing how well I was doing and they've had similar success. There’s a group of us now who inspire each other.

Having a great coach who was always quick to provide good advice meant I never had to worry. It's been life changing for me – a really good change. I know how to listen to my body now - what it likes and doesn't like. It came off easily and I’m having no difficulty keeping it off. That's what's so different about it - it's personalised for you and it really works – not just for me but for everyone! 
Nutritional and lifestyle education for long-term success
During your MiracuLoss transformation, you will be thoroughly supported by your coach with daily guidance and up-to-date nutritional information personalised for you. Weekly online tutorials provide additional nutritional and lifestyle information to help you break free from the unhealthy cycle of weight loss and gain.

The educational components of the programme prepare and equip you for a life free from dieting.

And the MiracuLoss programme allows for ‘normal eating’ after completion of the weight loss phase and resetting of the metabolism. So it's 'goodbye dieting' and hello 'eating for maximum nutrition'! 

We would never recommend you follow a weight loss diet. Weight loss diets can and do cause irreparable harm to your metabolism making it easier and easier to gain weight and harder and harder to lose it. Does that scenario seem familiar?  It's time to lift the lid on the real causes of weight problems!  
☆☆☆☆☆ Julie talks about her life changing experience! 
“As an experienced dieter I know how hard it can be to stick to a weight loss plan and achieve sustainable results. 

I've lost count of how many traditional weight loss diets' I've tried.

Even when I did stay focused for a reasonable time and lost some weight, as soon as normal life resumed the weight just piled back on again, plus more.

It was a depressing cycle of gradual weight gain and diminishing confidence and self-esteem. 
When a friend first told me about MiracuLoss I was resistant, believing it would be like all the other weight loss diets I had tried. 

Back then I still thought that weight loss was a simple formula of calories in and energy out but I soon found out how wrong that was!

MiracuLoss is completely different!

I lost weight more easily than ever before. I wasn’t hungry. I had plenty of energy but the more I rested the more weight I lost. 
I learnt that my body thrives on healthy fats and oils - when I include them in my diet I maintain my weight easily. 

I learnt that certain foods cause silent inflammation in my body which promotes weight gain – I don’t eat them now! 

My coach was amazing. She kept in touch with me daily so I never felt alone. Her encouragement and advice kept me on track when I needed extra support and helped me learn to listen to my body. 

 I joined MiracuLoss just after Christmas in 2015 and by mid-July I was 52 kilos lighter, which I’m maintaining easily. 

I’m not unique. As part of the MiracuLoss community I’ve talked to countless other men and women who’ve had similar experiences.
Looking back, I was not only over weight but also unhealthy. 

The funny thing is that when I started I believed I was healthy – I had no idea what good health actually felt like. 

 I realise now that the two go hand in hand. I’ve never felt healthier or more in control of my life!
Take my advice…start your MiracuLoss journey today. 

Become the best version of YOU!”

The benefits of weight loss
Losing weight can have a significant impact on your health. 
Research has shown that losing just 10% of your body weight can result in:  
(In no particular order) 
  • Marked improvements in vitality and energy 
  •  Improved cardiovascular health 
  •  Lower risk of diabetes and other weight-related diseases 
  •  Improved bowel health 
  •  Marked reduction in joint and muscular pain 
  •  Improved thyroid function 
  •  Improved mental clarity 
  •  Elevated mood 
  •  Greater enjoyment of life 
  •  Improved confidence and self esteem 
  •  Better blood pressure 
  •  Improved heart health and lower cholesterol levels 
  •  Enhanced sex life 
  •  A better night’s sleep, especially for those with obstructive sleep apnea 
  •  Less pain associated with arthritis, joint disease, and lower back pain 
  •  Better breathing 
  •  Decreased risk for colon and breast cancer 
  •  A healthier gallbladder 
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**Weight loss will vary from person to person due to individual circumstances and weight loss goals.
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